Benefiting People

We are democratizing access to the tools and people you need to turn your best boardroom strategies into tangible results.

What We Do

Designed to fit the way people want to live and work today, Enrollify is creating a better benefits experience by layering the agnostic high touch expertise of our nationwide population of Benefit Gurus, with a suite of utilities to deliver unmatched engagement, education, and satisfaction!

How We Do It

Access to Quality

Instantly identify, vet, and compare benefit counselors that we refer to as Benefit Gurus from across the United States to solve for even your most complex situation. You set the parameters and our algorithm does the rest eliminating geographic limitations, language barriers, skill gaps, licensing issues, and so much more…

Mobilization & Management

Once the selection and negotiation are complete, our fully integrated solution offers unparalleled transparency into exactly what is taking place in real time. Our dashboard and quantitative analytics combine with our communication tools to help you optimize opportunity and solve problems before they arise.
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Administrative and Operational Efficiency

Streamlining administration and creating operational efficiency are core tenets of our value proposition. We have combined the features and functionality of many tools you likely use today in one place cutting cost and confusion, while simultaneously adding features like payment facilitation to reduce friction so that you can scale your business and increase profitability.

What Do You Do?

Broker/ Consultant

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You work with clients to identify the best way to meet the changing needs of their business as it pertains to their overall employee benefits strategy

Enrollment Firm/ Implementation Coordinator

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You are the quarterback leading up to and during open enrollment. Your responsibilities include selection, mobilization, and managing the population of Benefit Gurus™

Benefit Gurus

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You are the one in the trenches helping employees navigate one of the most challenging and costly decisions that they will make all year- their benefit elections. You may prefer to work remotely, face to face, or either. You are here to capitalize on your other-centered empathy and subject matter expertise

Service Provider/ Freelancer

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You are an entity or freelancer that offers a product or service that is foundational to comprehensive benefits program. Some examples include: TPA Services, Compliance, Platform Case Building, HSA Administration, Decision Support, Consulting Services, and more.