Benefit Gurus

Liberating Your Inner Entrepreneur!

For you, nothing could be worse than a 9-to-5 job, set salary, and confinement to an office. You long for added flexibility, the chance to be your own boss, to choose your own schedule, to work from and anywhere, prioritizing between work and life based on what is most important to you at a given time. Or, maybe you just want to make some extra income- pay off your debt, take a trip, buy a new house, or support yourself while launching your own start-up venture. We totally understand!

More control.

Whether this will be your full-time pursuit or a way to augment your income, the Enrollify offers you the ability to monetize your license and control your own destiny without asking anyone for permission or forgiveness (and you don’t need to turn your car into a taxi in the process)

More Professional.

Whether you are brand new to the insurance industry or a seasoned benefit counselor, we will help you obtain certifications, bolster your credentials, refine your skills, and match you with the right opportunities on your terms.

More Opportunity.

With an abundance of on-demand work, the only thing keeping you from unlimited earning is all the other things that you want to do that make your life rich.

How It Works

Get Started On Your Path to Entre-lightenment

Our tribe of Benefit Gurus is made up of high achievers and generous givers- entrepreneurs who have the minds of a capitalist and the heart of a social worker. We are bold and unabashed in pursuing success as long as we are Benefiting People™ in the process.

Support when you need us

We work hard to make certain you and your team have what it needs to deliver during open enrollment and throughout the year. Should you need our help, we are here.