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Broker/ Consultant

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You work with clients to identify the best way to meet the changing needs of their business as it pertains to their overall employee benefits strategy.

Enrollment Firm/ Implementation Coordinator

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You are the quarterback leading up to and during open enrollment. Your responsibilities include selection, mobilization, and management the population of Benefit Gurus.

Benefits Guru

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You are the one in the trenches helping employees navigate one of the most challenging and costly decisions that they will make all year- their benefit elections. You may prefer to work remotely, face to face, or either. You are here to capitalize on your other-centered empathy and subject matter expertise.

Service Provider/ Freelancer

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You are an entity or freelancer that offers a product or service that is foundational to comprehensive benefits program. Some examples include: TPA Services, Compliance, Platform Case Building, HSA Administration, Decision Support, Consulting Services, and more.