Enrollment Firms & Implementation Coordinators

The right people, tools, and recipe make all the difference

Whether you are managing a local case with one location and dozens of employees or a national case with many locations and thousands of employees, Enrollify is the infrastructure you need to scale your operation and level the playing field. Never before has case set-up, counselor selection, enrollment management, and compensation facilitation been so easy.

Better talent.

Our marketplace delivers unrivaled access to a diverse pool of qualified Benefit Gurus nationwide, empowering you to select the team you want at the cost you negotiate.

Better tools.

Our scheduler utilities, integrated virtual enrollment, and team management tools seamlessly allow you to mobilize, communicate, train, and pay Benefit Gurus from a single platform.

Better Results.

Through real time analytics, our dashboard offers quality control and a line of site. This transparency empowers you to make informed adjustments to optimize results.

How It Works

Support when you need us

We work hard to make certain you and your team have what it needs to deliver during open enrollment and throughout the year. Should you need our help, we are here.

Get started.

Stop scrambling to find and mobilize qualified Benefit Gurus. Simplify your operations and watch your business grow