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Our Story

Employee benefits, and more specifically the open enrollment process, is one of the most complicated and costly decisions American workers and their employers encounter each year. At an average annual cost of $15k-$21K, it can be intimidating, stressful and downright overwhelming. Yet in most cases, employees are left to make decisions on their own with little more than an employee handbook or online portal. The result is that roughly 80% make errant and costly mistakes. Ultimately, employees are left dissatisfied, healthcare costs are growing at unsustainable rates, and employers are demanding answers and solutions from their advisors.

Enrollify set out to build a platform to solve the biggest challenges that brokers, consultants, and enrollment firms face when attempting to turn their cost containment strategies into results. By applying the freelancer search features of marketplace utilities like Fiverr and Upwork, with a suite of project management utilities, Enrollify delivers the equivalent of Geek Squad for employee benefits. In doing so, we believe that we facilitate active education that can save employees up to $456 per family member per year, curtail runaway expenses for employers, and deliver The Best Gig in the Gig Economy ™ for Benefit Gurus™.

As a company, we seek to create a culture that is committed to delivering extraordinary value to all stakeholders. One where the success of people is prioritized along with profitability. To find game-changing solutions, we encourage team members to be thoughtfully disagreeable when challenges present. We provide opportunities for professional growth, upward mobility, and leadership development all while offering the flexibility you need to live your life to the fullest. The best part is that we all get to do meaningful work with people that want to measurably change the game.

Our Founder

Adam Michaels

Before founding Enrollify, Adam built and lead some of the most prolific teams in the employee benefits industry. He is a best-selling author and has millions of impressions of his Elevate Series on social media where he tackles topics on sales, leadership, and entrepreneurism. Adam is a graduate of The George Washington University.